Tournament Results

Midlands Coloured belt tournament – July 18th 2009 – Papamoa- see photos in the Gallery page

Best Overall-
Red Belt – Sarah Jackson, Te Karaka
Blue Belt – Claudia Cale, Te Karaka
Green Belt – Charlotte Blair, Hamilton
Yellow Belt – Chris Coker, Papamoa & Steve Martin, Hwa Rang
White Belt – Jack Wilson, Silla

Red Belt Jnr/Snr
1st- Sarah Jackson
2nd- Cameron Langdon
3rd- Eoghain Thomson

Blue Belt Jnr/Snr
1st- Fynn Martin
2nd- Calin Miles
3rd- Gary Bruce

Green Belt Snr
1st- Katherine Kudo
2nd- Charlotte Blair
3rd- Jaimes Booth

Green Belt Jnr
1st- Tom Morrison
2nd- Holly Fleet
3rd- Matthias Nickless

Yellow Belt Snr
1st- Chris Coker
2nd- Steve Martin
3rd- Wayne Hodge

Yellow Belt Jnr
1st- Toby Langdon
2nd- Henry Pettit
3rd- Etha Shergold

White Belt
1st- Morgan Hatch
2nd- Jack Wilson
3rd- Kevin Lee

Vet/Snr 8th-5thgup Hyper Male
1st- Steve Martin
2nd- Jaimes Booth

Vet/Snr 8th-1stgup Middle Male
1st- Cameron Langdon
2nd- Chris Coker
3rd- Gary Bruce

Int 4th-1stgup Micro/Light Male
1st- Eoghain Thomson
2nd- Michael Bruce
3rd- Ken Tong

Int 8th-5th Hyper Male
1st- Conor Williamson
2nd- Ollie Langdon
3rd- Nicholas France

Int/Jnr 10th-5thgup Middle Male
1st- David Wilson
2nd- Ethan Shergold
3rd- Callum Riddington

Peewee 4th-1stgup Micro/Light Male
1st- Leighton Stronach
2nd- Matthew Jackson
3rd- Lachie Miles

Peewee/Int 10th-5thgup Light/Middle Male
1st- Jack Wilson
2nd- Harrison Stevens
3rd- Matthias Nickless

Vet/Snr 6th-1stgu Middle/Heavy Female
1st- Charlotte Blair
2nd- Mary Daborn
3rd- Katherine Kudo

Int 4th-1stgup Light/Middle Female
1st- Stephanie Bruce
2nd- Sarah Jackson

Peewee/Int 5th-1stgup Micro Female
1st- Maddison Black
2nd- Holly Fleet

Peewee 8th-4thgup Micro Female
1st- Claudia Cale
2nd- Isabel Pettit

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