The Hwa Rang Academy was started on 14 February 2006 by Miss Christine Young and Mr Roman Chirtoca, who had then just moved to Tauranga from London.  

The Hwa Rang academy is named after the Hwa-rang Do. Members of Hwa-rang were chosen and trained to be military leaders and even Kings of the Silla Kingdom.  The Silla Kingdom asserted great dominance over the Korean Peninsula from 57 BC through to 1500 AD.

The best Hwa-rang practitioners were similar to the English knights. Members of the Hwa-rang order were taught military strategy, physical combat skills as well as the principles of human relations, and schooled in intellectual scholarship and the six ways of public service.

The Hwa Rang Code

The courage and physical abilities of the Hwa-rang Do were legendary in Korean history.  As well as the tough physical training they also developed a strict moral code.  This is the Hwa-rang Code:

  • Loyalty to King
  • Obedience to Parents
  • Trust among Friends
  • Never retreat in battle
  • Justice in killing

Today in Kyongju, Korea, the Korean youth can still be trained in the Hwa-rang way.

The Hwa Rang Academy

Ms Young hopes the Hwa Rang Academy students of today will look back in history and emulate the virtues which made the ancient Hwa-rang strong and formidable. The philosophy of the Academy is to have the highest possible technical standards according to one’s abilities, to always behave with high moral integrity and to be part of the community. And of course, for the Academy students to be part of a proud, noble and glorious martial art.

More information about Hwa-rang can be found in the book The History of Taekwon-Do Patterns by Richard Mitchell.

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  1. How old do you have to be to start?

  2. 5 years old preferred. Come along to one of the kids classes. Monday at 4.15pm the best.

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