Jan 082015

Beginners are welcome.  Come along to the Martial Arts Academy and join us for a training. Class timetable is on the right.

End of term 3 grading for mini kids is Weds Sept 23rd.  For gup grades it is Sunday Sept 27th. Keep practising at home to get better.

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Dec 192011


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to keep up to date with announcements and events.


The Midlands regional camp was a great event. Photos on facebook.

Then under 18 tournament at Aquinas Action centre is Sunday May 11th.

Friday sparring practice back on Fridays at the MAA, 5.30pm.

Saturday beginners classes starts back at the Martial Arts Academy, Sat May 10th.

Join us for 2014

A powerful, effective martial art,

Be part of New Zealand’s biggest TKD group.

Hwa Rang TKD trains at….

The Martial Arts Academy, 154 First Avenue West, Tauranga.

Monday and Thursday night trainings 5.30-7.00pm.  Sunday 4.30-6.00pm

Term classes start back Monday Feb 10th.  That’s right, we’re back at Bellevue School, Tauranga Intermediate, Tauranga Girls, and this year also at Green Park School.  As well as all our classes at the Martial Arts Academy.

Masters and Nick Lee at IIC

Grand Masters love visiting NZ.  With GM Marano, Bos, Lan and our good friends from Australia.

For some photo highlights and dvds of the tul tour head to the HR facebook page:


Need help with patterns? Here’s an app for your smartphone – it had pictures & diagrams of every movement in the coloured belts patterns.http://thevirtualdojang.com/smartpatterns/

Enquiries contact Mrs Young 021 980 878 or 07 571 0866 or  email ce_young@hotmail.com

Are you over 40?  Taekwon-do is not just for the young ones.

check this article out:



Ms Timmer and Ms Young

Ms Timmer and Mrs Young at BOP Sports Awards 2011

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